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Global Internet Industry Research - Brazil Part Ⅰ

Thanks to the large size population, BRIC has rapidly developed the mobile internet industry, ranking forefront of the world in recent years. On the other hand, the significance of BRIC makes it the focus of major internet corporations’ strategy layout. Under the action of the two forces, the BRIC may be leading trend of the world’s internet.
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2015 Global Mobile Game Industry Report

What happened to mobile game industry in 2015? Which game made big bucks? Which game lose popularity? By reviewing the mobile game markets of 2015 of 5 major countries (US, GER, RUS, BRA and CN) , we will tell you the answers.
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Japan Mobile Game Market Information Handbook Dec. 2014

It was reported in the year of 2013, Japan games market reached 842.3 billion Yen,in which smartphone & tablet 550.1 billion Yen referring to the JOGA (Japan Online Game Association) Online Gaming Market Research Report 2014. The estimated smartphone games market in 2014 will climb to 700 billion Yen, with the entire Japanese games market size 1400 billion Yen.
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Southeast Asia Mobile Game Market Information Handbook Nov. 2014

The Southeast Asian online game market is still growing and interest is shifting from PC to mobile games in the region. If you're thinking about bringing your mobile game to Southeast Asia, now seems like a prime time to do so.
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China Mobile Game Industry Information Handbook Sep. 2014

Continued online connectivity and economic growth are increasing China’s influence on games market. For the first half year of 2014, Chinese mobile game market takes more than one fourth (25.2%) of the global market, with a 17.7% growth over the same period last year.
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China Mobile Game Industry Information Handbook Aug. 2014

Globalization is an inevitable trend in the mobile game industry. Consensus as it is, Cps still face significant challenges when they try to expand into foreign markets, such as different geographical environment, language barriers, cultural differences&customs.
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China Mobile Game Industry Information Handbook Jun. 2014

Devoted in the global mobile Internet advertising and marketing filed for many years, Avazu is able to clear the information mist by its unique globalization channels and information sources.
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