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KMSSignificantly improve Ads Serving ROI
KMS connects you to world leading streaming platforms from Facebook, Goolge, and Tiktok. Those platforms transform viewers into users through paid search ads, display ads, video ads, and feed ads. This approach has turned traditional marketing to a more targeted approach.

Team Strength
A 50 people team covers end-to-end marketing process from ads serving, design, business, operation to satisfy customized needs of our clients
Streaming Capability
Strong media ties. Not only serves as Facebook’s and Google’s top agent, but also owns various types of streaming services
10 years of experience in internet ads, massive resource in human capital, industry, and projects
Technological Advance
Self-developed big data marketing tool Noogensis optimizes ads serving, provides competitor analysis, and industry updates
DSP Provide programmatic advertising services to agencies
DSP was launched in 2010. In 2014, the product group officially launched its streaming platform. Up until now, the product has provided beyond-expectation services to branding agencies, APP, e-commerce, gaming, subscriptions, and many other global partners. By utilizing high-quality streaming resources and diversified advertisements, DPS reaches out to users worldwide from developed countries to emerging markets. It provides massive media resources, monetization channels, and original advertisements that satisfy clients' customized needs. We support banner ads, native Ads, motivational Ads, and many other Ads types.

Product Strength (Data)
200+ countries/regions
1 billion+ global internet users
10 billion+ daily exposure

Features & Strength

Multiple Pricing Model
Cost efficient CPM
Optimize Click Pay oCPC
Optimize Click-through oCTR
Optimize Click Activity oCPA
Single Click Cost CPC
Pioneering Machine Learning Models
Anti-Fraud Model: Monitor and eliminate non-human streaming
Predictive Model: Predict CTR/CR and low-quality streaming
Pricing Model: Lower price to win the price war
Close to Real-Time Report
By minute update, click & conversation data
Effective visualization to generate insights
All reports can be downloaded into csv or other formats
APXProvide monetization solutions for affiliates and agencies
APX is a performance-based Ad Exchange Platform launched in 2011.
APX is a self-developed tool that provides global advertisers high-quality streaming. APX also helps different channels to achieve monetization by streaming. APX is also an Ad Management platform where business channels can monitor their global ads performance.
Features & Strength
Mobile Real-Time Report
Capable of viewing Clicks, Conversions, CTR, Cr distribution data on multiple dimensions including ISP, OS, Geo, Browser, Brands, Org, and Netspeed. Reports are usually generated within 1 second, less than 2 seconds.
Distributed Cloud Computing Architecture
Support large-scale data,big offer,massive clicks (Million clicks will not affect computing speed)
AI Ranking
Automated offer recommendation through historical campaign revenue data (e.g., ranking based on top offers like EPC, Volumn)
Flexible port
Open-source API allows users to develop their own systems and conduct data interaction with APX. Users will receive real-time profit update on their cross-platform (e.g., mobile) devices.
Visualized WYSIWYG Landing Page Editor
Owns multiple landing page template. Even if users do not understand html or CSS, they will be able to connect back-end APX and build/download their own landing pages.
Multiple Private Function
Including optimized tools Rightmedia,Adwords, etc.
Capital assurance
Monthly payment, $500 auto-pay
Automated finance system
Payout higher than third-party, owns exclusive Teebik offers
Abundant streaming
Owns multiple mobile offers through global subsidiaries, including mobile content subscription, sweepstakes (iphone, ipad), CPI, etc
Owns multiple mobile hot offers worldwide including Direct SDK integrated partners and DSP high-quality streaming
Owns SDK
Client-oriented service
Supporting landing page and offer itself
Professional operation team, one-on-one service