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2018 China Finance Summit Winter Forum Interview with Mr. He Yuming, DotC United Group CFO

2018-12-11 10:31:17

With the theme of “The Great Time — Innovation and Breakthrough”, 2018 China Finance Summit Winter Forum was held on 30th Nov. in Beijing. Many honored guests from the business, political, academic, media and other fields gather together in this year’s Summit. As leading company of CTW field, after being nominated for recommendation and committee selection, DotC United Group won the “Most Investing Value Award of the Year” for its outstanding business performance, good public evaluation and great potential for corporate development.

He Yuming, DotC United Group CFO at Awards

At the Summit, Mr. He Yuming, DotC United Group CFO, received the exclusive interview of the media of the Summit on topics such as the status quo and trends in the field and share his experience and thought during DotC United Group operations.


He Yuming, DotC United Group CFO in Interview


The interview content is as follows:

Interviewer: Hello everyone, this is Mr. He Yuming sitting beside me, he is the CFO of DotC United Group. Now we will have an exclusive interview with him. Hello, Mr. He.

He: Hello.

Interviewer: DotC United Group keeps great development since it has been founded, could you please share with us, why would DotC United Group choose the CTW field? And how do you keep balance in global market?

He: As we all know, the arrival of the mobile Internet has brought new opportunities to many Chinese companies, especially technology companies. Then what are these new opportunities? In the past, people always think that Chinese technology is far behind others, but in the CTW field, Chinese technology companies are able to compete with foreign counterparts on the same track. Besides, we outperform foreign counterparts in aspects such as human resource, the capital itself, supply chains and so on. Also we have many innovations in business models, which are better than that of foreign companies.

With these advantages, we believe that the future of CTW is promising, and we were sensitive enough to feel that this boom is coming before everyone notices it, this is why we chose this track very early, and help Chinese companies solve the difficulties during the CTW process by applying Internet platform products.

In fact, our company position is mobile globalization, and we have our own advertising platform, focusing on the development and operation of foreign mobile APPs, as well as realization, therefore we have accumulated a lot of experience, which help Chinese companies to truly have the opportunity to go abroad, to participate in the world’s competition, and to build up their own brands.

Interviewer: Do you have your own insights in global market?

He: My only feeling is that this is a very dynamic market and competition is always there.

In the process of helping Chinese companies go globalization, we found that no matter what kind of products we make or we help our customers in marketing, there will always be a ceiling in the business models we chosen, actually it’s all about business models and competition, so indeed any business model should be dynamic instead of being static.

In addition, all products and business models have countless competitors, so what should we do? Two alternatives are: 1. First-mover advantage, you should run out of the track first; 2. Strong capacity of execution.

So in our own practice:

First, facing the new trend, we should know clearly what we want, what kind of product should we make and how.

Second, we also should know clearly about the future trend.

Third, keep seeking differentiation, on both products and business models, and you should have a great sensitivity to differentiation. Only differentiation can make your products, your business model be different from other and have their own values.

Last, fierce competition urges your team to have a strong execution ability to break through and finally win.

Interviewer: The slogan of DotC United Group is “Connecting the Dots”, how to interpret its meaning in this global business background?

He: Actually it has two meanings, my own understanding is that the meaning of the first half of the sentence is actually similar to Baidu. We connect Internet users globally, let them enjoy the best Internet products with our services and technology.

The second half of the sentence is about the differentiation. The reason why we are different is that we target overseas market, so we have to keep exploring the differences between Chinese and overseas markets, everyone has different ideas, different philosophies, different ways of thinking and different lifestyles, then we need to find the commonality while keeping exploring the differences. How to deal with these differences and commonalities? I hope that by using technical means, added with innovative business models, we can bring excellent Internet products to different groups of people with different thinking styles.

Interviewer: That’s a great understanding of you. Then have you encountered any obstacles during the executing process? Or let’s say, how could you keep balanced in globalized business environment?

He: Actually we feel it’s difficult to do so. Because our users’ habits and preferences are constantly changing, and in the global market, our users have different skin colors, they come from different cultures, and their demands are different. So it’s necessary for us to understand them very well.

Meanwhile, I think the advantage of being in Internet era is that we have some wonderful technology methods, plus Chinese people’s intelligence, we could create different business model and adapt to the market greatly, then we could finally help our clients or our product to meet users ‘different demands.

Most importantly, it is obvious that we should grasp the core demands of clients, although it is changing, but the essence of it is that everyone wants to have a better experience with high quality products at a low cost, we stand in a good position, we can help them to achieve this.

Interviewer: You just mentioned exploring differentiation, I still feel that we should respect the differences during our exploration. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed a concept called “destiny community”, which means the pursuit for a harmonic state of the world.

He: Yes.

Interviewer: As a technology company which creates and architects internet platforms to tackle globalization challenges and simplify complexities in the globalization process, DotC United Group plays an important role in business world, so could you tell us what kind of services do you offer the clients who have a globalization needs?

He: Back to our business, the main service of DotC United Group is global programmatic advertising and solutions, maybe advertising colleagues are familiar to it, also we have our own DotC APP business and our own business intelligence data platform. Through this platform and our own access to the traffic, we have reached 85% of the world’s Internet users, our own users have accumulated to hundreds of millions of levels. We have a great strength to help Chinese companies in this field and realize their dreams of globalization.

Interviewer: Speaking to help then realize globalization dream, could you give us an example?

He: For example, if we have a client who is a game company, they develop a game and want to sell it abroad and run Ads, what we need to do is to help them analyze. Based on our experience in game industry, industry data and its performance in our APP, we could tell them: “We suggest the game not to be released in the U.S, instead it would be much better to release in a country in Southeastern Asia. In this country, we suggest you should run Ads in which media, and we could help you run them by which way…” We have direct traffic relationships with many media. We can help him find the best way to acquire users and then provide one-stop services to the client, including realization.

We also provide other services such as marketing, similar APPs recommendation, data mining and public views investigation.

Interviewer: Do you have any unique strategies while offering these services?

He: I think it’s one-stop service as I mentioned, also, you should put the clients’ demand in the first place, rather than thinking from your own point of view and merely pushing the products to the client. Actually clients are different, we serve them differently. Solution is designed basing on their demands and budgets, the final purpose is to help them get users, realize money at a lowest cost.

Interviewer: To let them have a sense of achievement.

He: Yes. We have a long history, if you are in the CTW field, you have to know every market super well, we have our own offices in different places in the world, so we know the local market very well and build great relationship with local media. Global media such as Google and Facebook are our great partners. With the relationship and the understanding of the market, and the many-year-experience of CTW services, they are all our strength and our originalities.

I have to say it’s not easy to do these things, we win clients one by one, so it’s not a get-fast-money industry, we have to work hard, again the execution is very important.

Interviewer: What’s your vision about DotC United Group?

He: We did great job in 2018 and last year, we got recognitions from the public, last year, we were listed in the technology unicorns ranking. This year we were listed in Hurun Greater China Unicorn Index 2018 Q1. We take public recognition as an encouragement, in the long run, we want to help the globalization of both Chinese and foreign companies in segmented market, and help them achieve their own wishes with technology. We hope they could also become unicorns.

In the near future, maybe next year, we hope we could explore positively the pain points that still exist in the industry with an open mind and win-win spirit, make effort to solve the problems, to create more values for our upstream and downstream partners, and create more possibilities.

Interviewer: Ok, thanks for your time, our interview is finished.

He: Ok, thanks!