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Avazu mDSP Connects The World’s Largest Social Media Network Facebook

2015-11-25 18:41:36

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg put his 2-week-codes online, a war has been plagued in the global online market. Now we need thank him redefining the social network. Facebook has all premium traffic, cut-edge tech, profitable revenues and excellent tools; bar none marketers want them all. Avazu mDSP gives all marketers and advertisers a chance to earn dollars and build brands in Facebook, directly. This time, we combined our marketing strategy and operations to help grow your business in Facebook marketplace.


This week, Avazu Mobile DSP launches Facebook Ads Campaign unit. The integration of Avazu mDSP and Facebook Audience Network allows all mDSP users run Facebook ads campaigns directly. Those ads may appear in Facebook News feeds or in Audience Network-extending mobile apps beyond Facebook.



Facebook Ad Campaign and Ad Display


Advertisers used to pay large tolls to get access to Facebook ad platform. Avazu mDSP’s new feature of Facebook ad campaign gives a short cut.

In addition to the existing display ads campaign, native ads campaign and video ads campaign, with the social network giant Facebook; advertisers are leveraged from adding scale, reaching new audiences to buying media more efficiently. With years of Facebook ad experience, Avazu offers training to all clients which help them better understanding of the platform. How does it work and how can we work it better. In the early days, 3rd-party tools are widely used for quick creating new ad campaigns, ad sets, bulk importing ads into Power Editor and launching A/B test. Now all these tools are integrated with Avazu mDSP which can increase operation efficiency significantly. Moreover, free VPN would be good value to those clients, who have limited access to Facebook.


To get on board and learn more about Facebook Ads Campaign on Avazu mDSP, send us an email at [email protected] or contact your AE.