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DotC United Group and NewCode joined together to forge uppermost Global Game Marketing Summit

2018-03-26 10:41:06

Nowadays, global distribution of video games has become a universally acknowledged strategy that actively applied and embraced by many companies in China. How to overcome challenges and seek new opportunities during the process of “going global”? What’s the newest trend overseas and how do we understand users’ behavior and need? How do we tackle the bottleneck of demand and improve user retention rate through integrated marketing? How to increase traffic and product exposure by actively employing PR, KOL, and virus marketing? How to combine game distribution with new types of platforms, communities, and e-Sports? All of those questions have become imperative to game developers today.


To tackle all the questions above and integrate resources available at the game industrial chain in North America, DotC United Group and leading game developer New Code came together and forged one of the largest and most influential regional marketing summit, inviting leading experts in the field and entrepreneurs who have years of experience in global marketing in game industry.



With the advancement of technology and business model, China now has become a global leader in the internet industry. More and more Chinese companies started to distribute their products and services oversea and “go global” is no longer just a slogan. This is especially critical in the booming mobile game industry. At the summit, questions specifically addressing China were discussed in-depth.


. Status and trends of America’s Integrated Marketing: How to market without borders

. Case studies of content marketing: How to break the bottleneck of purchase volume through innovation in content

. The secret of mobile games’ purchase volume and data operation

. How to integrate the form of Live on social media platforms in marketing in North America

. Introduction of key players in game media outlets in North America: How to get your product spotted by media

. A leading KOL’s view on what makes a great mobile game in North America

. How e-Sports become successful through sports-style games and content

. Status of video social media platforms and the observation on users’ behaviors

. How to establish your APP/Game brand through TV Ads in America and Europe


The summit has invited key figures and experts in the industry to share their experience and successful stories. Guest speakers include executives from Google/Youtube/Twitch, established Chinese game developers overseas, founder and chief editors of leading game media outlets in North America, and Top 3 KOLs in global mobile gaming market. Participants were not only able to hear their understandings on the successful “Go Global” cases, but also directly communicate with guest speakers and build important connections.


For further inquiries, please contact us at:[email protected]